The By-Election

I am standing, with BIA support, as an Independent for the By-Election in Kinson South. The BIA philosophy is to keep National Politics out of Local Government, so I am free to have 'National' beliefs that my colleagues do not have to share.

Until 2015 I was a Liberal Democrat and fully endorsed their basic philosophy of an open democratic society together with the excellent Pupil Premium (which has made such a difference to many less fortunate children).  Nationally, I now think, the fair truly democratic society that I crave for is more likely to happen with the newly reinvigorated Labour Party.

I am a member of Dorset Humanists, Friends of the Earth and now the Labour party.

I have no intention of joining any group on Council if elected. I shall only vote in accordance with what I think is best for my residents with no regard for any party or group.

I am proud of having been part of the Lib Dem Council of 2003-2007, which had the courage to bring in our excellent, still evolving, waste collection service. However I think that party politics has no place in Local Government; residents should vote for the person and not a party.

In 2015 the Council lost some excellent hard working Councillors like Sue Levell, Carol Ainge and both Richard and Claire Smith because of party politics. I hope that I shall be able to show that the tide is at last turning.